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legal only marriage ceremony, text
legals only marriage ceremony darwin

Cheezca and Patricia being married in a legals only ceremony, with their two amazing friends as their witnesses. 


Here is what they had to say...


"Thankyou for giving us a simple yet very meaningful ceremony Ms. Caitlyn. We appreciate it. Once again thankyou"

Legal's Only!


This package is for couples who ‘just want to be married’, but maybe need it out of 'registry office' hours. This includes package includes only the bare minimum, which is legally required, for me to officiate a marriage. I say a few words, you say a few words and then we sign the marriage certificates. You need to supply two witnesses over the age of 18. 


  • One face-face meeting to complete Notice of intent to Marry (NOIM) paperwork at our office (you must bring all required identification to this appointment)

  • Further meeting on your wedding day, at our office, to officiate your marriage. You must bring two witnesses, over the age of 18.

  • Lodgement of all legal paperwork.

  • This package is subject to availability and is not available after 12 noon on Saturdays



Price: $395*

* Prices quoted above, valid for marriage ceremonies held prior to the June 2020

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