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Mt Gambier, Beachport, Robe, Millicent, Coonawarra...

I was born and breed in Mt Gambier, in the beautiful South East of South Australia. All of my family still live in Mt Gambier and therefore, I of course love making the trip down!


Darwin wedding season is quiet over the 'wet season' which runs from October to April, which coincidently, is the best time of the year to get married down South!

So... why book me??

  • I am enthusiastic, down to earth, young and believe that your marriage ceremony should be remembered as the best part of your day.. I will make that happen!

  • I will provide a good quality PA system and will also coordinate the music of your choosing throughout the ceremony so you dont have to get 'Uncle Fred' to do it... it always goes wrong! Music for:​​

    • Pre-ceremony​ (20-30 minutes)

    • Walk down the aisle or alternative entry as so many couples are deciding non-traditonal suits!

    • Signing the certificates

    • Post ceremony... to get the party started! (20-30 minutes)

  • I write every ceremony from scratch... as in blank piece of paper; i don't like the subway style... would you like 'this, this or this' instead i get to know you both and then write a ceremony that 100% reflects you!

  • I love my 'job'- i find it hard to use that word, because it is so much more than that

  • Because... without a celebrant, your wedding day is just a really expensive party :)

If you are looking for a young, fun and down to earth celebrant, contact me, to see whether I may be available for your special day!


(Current 'South-East' availability)

  • 1st February 2019 (Friday)

  • 2nd February 2019 (Saturday)

  • 3rd February 2019

  • 4th February 2019

  • 5th of April 2019-28th April 2019 (please enquire if interested) 

*** Contact for pricing***



*** Photos April 2018 at Browns Lake- Mt Gambier; the wedding on Shannon and Jacob; Thanks to With Love Photography for the stunning images***

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