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Why would we need relationship counselling?

Relationship counselling is not about ‘fixing something when its broken’, although this is a common myth.


Relationship counselling is about building a sustainable marriage, a marriage that is built on strong foundations. Topics that are covered in relationship counselling may include:


· Personality differences

· Conflict management

· Family backgrounds

· Attitudes to parenting and money (making sure both parties are on the same page

· Sexuality

· Communication and listening skills

· Life style expectations (where will we live, how will we live, where will we holiday)

What's available in the Darwin / Palmerston area?

Relationships Australia

Face-Face counselling services

Phone:                (08) 8923 4999


Location:            2nd Floor, 43 Cavenagh St, Darwin City

Cost:                   Personalised dependin on income, generally very affordable.


Anglicare NT


Face-Face counselling services

Phone: (08) 8946 4800


Location: 1/5 Goyder Road, Parap, NT

Cost: $30– per hour although they are willing to negotiate based on individual circumstances

Catholic Care NT

Specifically designed program for couples preparing for married life. Religion affiliation is NOT a prerequisite.

Phone:                (08) 8944 2000

Cost:                   Personalised depending on income


Stepping Stones

Face-Face counselling services with a psychologist

Phone: (08) 8985 6067


Cost: $195 per hour

Relationship support services online or by phone:

We all lead very busy lives and at times online is easier, more accessible and that’s okay! Even relationship support is available online  and by phone, so if you are interested please contact:

Relationship Help Online

A part of Relationships Australia, NSW branch offering support services via skype and also text chatting



Family Relationship Online

A government organisation with lots of resources to help with relationship building or dispute resolution. Also phone support.

Phone:                1800 050 321

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