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The day I walked in your shoes...

They say the only way to truly understand someone else's feelings, is to walk in their shoes. On the 21st of July, I was not a celebrant, I was not a Registered Nurse, I was a bride marrying the man i love. 

I regularly speak in front of crowds, tackle challenging situations as a nurse, so I thought that I would be fine, and that I would not be very nervous... boy I was wrong! 

I woke at 4.30am, after having a terrible night sleep, I had still not written my speech for the reception... so many thoughts running through my head.  (I know it's not customary for a bride to speak, but we are not in the dark ages anymore and I wanted to thank so many people). I decided to take an early morning drive on my own, went and grabbed a coffee and then wrote my speech in the woolies cark park... and guess what everything flowed out easily. I had tried to write this speech for weeks, but that morning, no problem at all... I was finally happy with it! 

I went back to Club Tropical Resort, our beautiful reception venue, where we were also staying in their stunning accomodation, to an apartment full of my sleeping bridal party... it was only 7am. Soon everyone woke and the excited and nervous energy begun. We exchanged cards and gifts in what was a beautiful and emotional morning, I had the women I loved the most in my life, my mum, my sister, my step daughter, and my best friends... special times!! 

After a beautiful breakfast, 10am came quickly and Bec, from Bec Brown Hair and Makeup, arrived to start our makeup. My sister Toni, is a very talented hair dresser, so she did our hair. It was a very relaxed day... 

Our wedding was at 4.30pm, which felt like ages away, but it seemed like in a flash it was 3pm, my photographer Toni from Inspire Photography and Videographer, Gem from Chapter One Creative arrived... and all of a sudden real nerves started to set in! 

We started to get dressed, there were many laughs, some nervous tears, but mainly happy tears! My dad arrived and dressed and he looked spunky! (he is normally very casually dressed, so suited up was abnormal). We had some photos and all of a sudden 4.30 approached. 

We were driven by one of Brett's good friends, in a beautiful old car, to Lee Point Beach, the place we loved to walk, the place we were engaged and the place we would be married. 

We stepped out of the car, a few tears leaked and then the music started to play! I leaked a few more tears as Bel, Bretts daughter, started off down the aisle. Walking down the aisle, my dad holding my arm with everyone I loved watching was an amazing and emotional experience; it is not often you have your nearest and dearest all with you at the same time... all eyes on you.  

Our ceremony was truly perfect, thanks to Larelle Gilbert, our celebrant from Uplifting Memories. She kept my husband calm and made our ceremony memorable!  

There was a weight lifted off my shoulders as those words came out of Larelle's mouth, 'I now have the pleasure of pronouncing you husband and wife', a profound happiness. 

We had some beer and champagne, on the lovely sand of Lee Point Beach, and watched the amazing Darwin sunset, whilst the talented Toni snapped some more  photo's.

We then headed back to the stunningly decorated Club Tropical Resort, where we enjoyed a night of amazing food, flowing drinks and wonderful speeches! A night filled with our closest family and friends; a night we will never forget.

Thank you to all the amazing Darwin businesses who made our special day one we will remember forever. 

Photography: Toni from Inspire Photography Darwin 

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