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the legal paperwork, marriage celebrant

When you getting married, there are a couple of legal documents that have to be completed with your celebrant.


The Notice of Intended Marriage (N.O.I.M), by law, needs to be completed AT LEAST one calendar month prior to the marriage ceremony.


For example: If you want to get married on the 3 January 2020, you must have your N.O.I.M logged with your celebrant no later than the 3 December 2019.


You can click on the form on the right of this page, called the 'Notice of Intended Marriage' and print out; this is the form that will be required, with the below documents at our first or second meeting or logged to me via email. This is the new form from 9/12/17.

Are you interstate? or unable to hand this form to me in person?

If you are from interstate or are not able to hand me this form in person (on holidays, shift worker etc), this form can be sent to me via email, once i have recieved via email your one month waiting period can start.  Before this form is emailed or sent via post to me, you need to have your signatures witnessed by:

- a justice of the peace

- a barrister or solicitor

- a legally qualified medical practitioner

- a member of the Australian Federal Police or the state or territory police force member

- an authorised marriage celebrant

Are you outside of Australia?

If you are living overseas and plan to get married in Australia, you can submit your NOIM via email, as above. The original MUST be provided to the celebrant before they can marry you.

When you are living outside of Australia your NOIM can be witnessed by:

(most often the easiest place to find the first two is at an Australian embassy)

- an Australian Diplomatic Officer
- an Australian Consular Officer
- a notary public
- an employee of the Commonwealth authorised under paragraph 3(c) of the Consular    Fees Act 1955, or
- an employee of the Australian Trade Commission authorised under paragraph 3(d) of the Consular Fees Act 1955.

I am able to sight your I.D. any time prior to the ceremony, you will need the following:

Proof of date and place of birth

  •  Birth certificate 


  • Australian or overseas passport 

AND, you will need to produce some photographic identification

  • Drivers Licence

  • Proof of age card

  • Australian/overseas passport

  • Certificate of Australian citizenship + a photographic card such as a student ID card.

If you have been previously married you must produce evidence of termination of that marriage

  • Divorce order/divorce certificate


  • Original death certificate (if your previous spouse has passed away)


  • Decree of nullity, issued by a court (in the case of annulment) 





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