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Where to start with your Vows...

As many of you know I have only recently become a Civil Marriage Celebrant, you may not know, I am also a 'bride to be' and got engaged in March last year. I have laid in bed, wide awake, thinking about writing my vows and to be honest the vows are what scares me the most about the wedding... What if my vows are too long and his are too short? What if mine are really serious and his are humorous? What if I am crying so much I cant read them? The list is endless.

Creating the perfect vows is easier and less stressful than you may think.... which I have now worked out... The most important thing you can do, is sit down with your other half 💑, and chat... Grab a wine, beer, tea or coffee.... it doesn't matter,

and just talk about the following things...Sounds simple hey! (This has really helped me!!)

1) Do you want to write your own vows?

Some couples don't! they want to use the traditional ones... and that's okay.

2) If you want to write your own vows, do you want to share them with each other before your wedding day?

Sometimes it is just too much pressure for one party, to not know what the other is going to say. If you want to keep them a surprise, both people need to feel okay with it

3) How long is too long? and how short is too short?

Do you want a short and sweet ceremony or a long ceremony

4) Do you want to set a word limit?

It may sounds like the outline to an essay... but this can be a really good idea! Both parties then have some bench mark to aim for... not too long... not too short

5) Do you want to have a certain structure to your vows?

You could decide to start your vows with the same prefix, can give your vows a bit of a rhythmical structure 🎶 I love you because.... I promise to always....

After you have got these things sorted, writing your vows will feel much easier

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