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Kids... or no kids... that is the question

It is becoming more and more common for couples to have children prior to marriage; I would estimate at least half of my couples do! 

So... a very regular questions; How can we include our kids into our ceremony? 

 Start by asking yourself these questions:  

 How old are they? If they are too young/ a baby, it may cause you less stress if a close friend or family member cares for them during the ceremony. You want to enjoy your ceremony- and saying that out loud is okay!

Do you want them involved? It is okay if you just want ‘your’ ceremony to be about you! Don’t feel bad about this; if this is the case make sure you organise someone to take care of your kids during the ceremony.

But... if you do want them involved... read on, I have heaps of ideas!! 1. Get your children to walk you down the aisle. This is a very special way to include your kids and they feel pretty special escorting their parent down the aisle. 2. Your children could be the traditional flower girl or Paige boy 3. Your child may decide they would like to say something during the ceremony. I had a step brother and step sister recently read ‘blended family recipe’ by Ron Tramer to their parents- not a dry eye in the house. I can help you or even your child come up with something, if they want it to be a suprise to you both. 4. You many decide to speak vows to your child. I have seen this most often work in situations where ‘step parents’ are involved. For example: step dad writes vows to their wife’s child. This works well if the child and step parent have a close relationship and if the child is at the age they can understand and appreciate the effort. 5. Jewlery gifting: this is one of my favourites as it is quick, subtle, but a lovely gesture. During my wedding ceremony my husband and I gifted my step daughter Bel a necklace with our three names written on the individual rings, which were joined together- she loved it and so did our guests. 6. Including your child’s words to personalise the ceremony. I write all of my ceremonies from scratch and ask my couples to complete my ‘let me get to know you form’- I can always sit down with your beautiful child and ask them some questions and then include quotes during the ceremony- this can be super cute and very funny too!! 7. Sand ceremony- very controversial amongst celebrants- can be cool, as long as you don’t mind a bit of mess, works best with children who are a bit older. 8. ANYTHING YOU COME UP WITH!!! If you have an idea, hit me with it and I can help make it happen. Hopefully this gives you some food for thought!  

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