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Darwin wedding season is EXPANDING...

Magical sunset in Darwin's rural area- celebrant

June to August in Darwin has the most perfect weather... like ridiculously perfect!

You wake up each and every day to a blue sky, a lovely breeze and absolutely zero chance of clouds or rain and I guess that is why we would call it the 'wedding season' in the Top End!

The only problem being... 13 Saturdays in these months … which means you are fighting against a lot of other couples to get the vendors you want.. including your celebrant.

In 2018 I married 10 couples before mid May.. and many in the months of September/October which is quiet strange for Darwin. The couples I married said they found it so much easier 'booking everyone' outside of Darwin's 'traditional wedding season'.



  • The flights and accommodation are heaps cheaper for their interstate guests...

  • Some vendors have 'wet season' specials

  • You are more likely to get your 'first choice' vendor

  • You don't have to make 100 phone calls to lock everyone in

  • Less 'touristy'

  • Photos- can turn out to be AMAZING... STUNNING... UNREAL... DIFFERENT... with all those storm clouds rolling in. (I am the a terrible photographer... but check out the pic above, this one was taken in February in the rural area)



  • Its hot and humid and therefore if you have hair like me... it can make it hard. (Video for dramatic effect...)

  • You need multiple plans for your day eg:

Plan A- ceremony on Lee Point beach at 6pm

Plan B 'rainy weather plan'- Inside ___ room at our reception venue (you would need to discuss this prior to the day with your venue.


So if your planning to get married in Darwin, don't always go with the 'norm' . Think about whether an 'off season' wedding would suit you... or at least pushing the wedding season out by choosing May or September; could make your life much easier!

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