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How far out to book your celebrant???

So.... you have just become engaged and your starting to think of dates, venues and photographers... please, please, please don’t forgot the 3rd most important person of your special day (first two are the couple getting married of course 😜) and get in touch with me!! (Or any other celebrant)

Couples often forget, that to get married you actually only need the celebrant, the couple (yourselves) and two witnesses... the flowers, the dress, the signs, the hair, the shoes, the makeup, the food etc...  all extras... the fluff, the icing on the cake so to speak!  

2018 is completely booked out for me, I have had over 40 lovely couples, I have had to turn away...  so don’t be one of those couples in 2019 and enquiry early. 

I may be the perfect celebrant for you or not... it’s such a personal preference; but the sooner you find out, the sooner you can book me or run the other way and look for someone else 😜😂

Ps: random picture of unicorn to grab your attention (nothing to do with this blog post 😜😘)

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